Grid Defenders

Grid Defenders Game Intro

The year is 2115; Singapore is a modern cosmopolitan city state. Having celebrated 150 years of nationhood, an ambitious project has been begun to archive our nation’s shared memories and experiences online so that Singaporeans would always remember our history and continually add new memories to the archives.

Thus, the Heritage Grid was created as an online repository to store our citizens’ shared memories, common beliefs and experiences. These are stored online through a central database which allows all Singaporeans to upload content continuously to the Grid. Everyone has access to the memories and data stored on it and everyone can contribute to it- it is the pride of the nation as it captures our moments of triumphs and times of difficulties.

The player is a young systems technician working at the Heritage Grid. He/She is on duty late one night supervising the system when there is a sudden power surge. The power surge overloads the Main Data Core that controls the Heritage Grid’s operating systems.


The year is 2250; Singapore is now an advanced city of the future. Our researchers have built the world’s first time travel portal that allows us to travel back in time to Singapore’s past.

This travel portal is the pride of every Singaporean. It allows specially trained Heritage Explorers the ability to travel back through Singapore’s time-line in order to explore the past or to take a glimpse into the future.

This mile-stone project achievement has put Singapore ahead of many countries and our developments have received accolades for their pioneering achievement. However, Singapore is aware that this technology can easily be misused and is aware that there may be forces who would wish to appropriate this technology for evil means.

Hence, the time travel portal resides is heavily guarded in a secure facility. This facility is guarded 24 hours a day and access is limited to our Heritage Explorers and the technicians working at the facility.